About Nuvoberries

Coffee is not just a beverage. As someone rightly said, Coffee is an emotion, deep engrained in our culture! For most of us, a day without a cup or two of coffee is beyond imagination. For a few, it is an elixir for a bright start to the day while for many, it is an evening joy. A cup of coffee, whether sipped in the morning, afternoon, evening or night uplifts our sensory neurons to a level bordering on the extra ordinary.

A true coffee lover/connoisseur is always on the lookout for that extra superlative coffee he/she can get his/her hands upon. Coffee being a widely traded commodity comes in various grades and standards. You will find a varied assortment of beans with tastes wavering from very average to top notch in the market.

The general consumer market is flooded with low grade coffee and superior grades are hard to find. Occasionally you would stumble upon that premium gourmet grade coffee only to be shocked with the sticker price! This is where we at Nuvoberries Coffee is looking to ring in the change. We are on an enlightened endeavour to provide Gourmet grade coffee at an affordable price without compromising even an iota on the inherent quality or quantity. With a team strength which boasts of having experience and knowledge of conventional growing and processing conditions to professional training from one of the most reputed plantation management Institute of India, we ensure every gram of coffee we make has the potential to entice and allure you. When beans sourced from some of the finest and curated estates meets state of the art roasting and grinding techniques at our partner roastery, truly unparalleled coffee for the aficionados is born. We strongly believe a rendezvous with our Gourmet range of coffee will end your long search for that extra special cup of beguiling coffee for ever! Try us once, and We ensure you will not try anything else ever after.



L ℭ൩€ is an ecstatic blend of the finest beans ethically sourced from the majestic slopes of Eastern and Western ghats. This unique fusion renders a perfectly longed coffee with vigorous flavors. Arabicas of Eastern Ghats are magnificently meld with the Robustas of Western Ghats to create this deliciously handpicked Coffee.

This scrumptious coffee is made from picking the finest berries. They are roasted in micro-batches at ideal conditions to ensure a cup of splendid Coffee. Cherish the flavored notes in each sip of coffee and indulge yourself in the ambrosial aroma of this specialty blend as it lingers through your senses and awakens your mind to a joyful state.

L ℭ൩€ presents a balanced cup of bright and slight bitterness in the finish, mouth lingering with subtle sweetness, and sweet aroma. L ℭ൩€ is a fusion of sweet citrus, spicy, and chocolatey notes.

About Nuvohelix

Founded  in  2018,   Nuvohelix   is   an   emerging   eco-focused   company   working    on developing products and technologies addressing basic needs of life such as  sanitation, food and healthcare. Nuvohelix endeavor to provide the world innovative products made from the pristine offerings of Mother  Nature  in  their  purest  forms.  Our  product  range spans   across   healthcare,   disinfection,   sanitation  and   edible   food   products.

We  strive  to  be  an  innovation  driven  organization.  All  our  products  are   born   after continuous Research, Development and Testing. Excellence  in  consumer  contentment remains our foremost agenda. At Nuvohelix Bioinnovations, quality of products  is  given the highest priority.

Nuvohelix  is  a  Government  of  India  recognized  and   registered   startup   under   the Department of  Industrial  Policy  and  Promotion,  Ministry  of  Commerce  and  Industry. The company is currently incubated at the Atal Incubation  Centre- Jyothy  Institute  of Technology (AIC-JITF).  We  are  ably  supported  by  Centre  for  Incubation,  Innovation, Research and Consultancy (CIIRC) Bengaluru, a global R&D and incubation centre jointly initiated   by   the   Sri   Sringeri   Sharada   Peetham,   Sringeri   and   Jyothy  Institute  of Technology (JIT), Bengaluru.

In the long term, Nuvohelix targets to be a global player in the natural products segment, focusing on  providing  high  quality  ecofriendly  natural  solutions  in  the  area  of  food, cleaning,   healthcare   and   agriculture.   We  strive  to  bring  in  innovative  eco-friendly products which could potentially change the way we  look  at  treating  life’s  smaller  yet relevant healthcare and sanitation related problems at affordable prices.

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Nuvohelix Bioinnovations

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